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Fortune Laser Mini 1000W/1500W/2000W 3 In 1 Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Fortune Laser Mini 1000W/1500W/2000W 3 In 1 Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

All-in-one chassis design is convenient
Include welding cutting and cleaning
Build-in water chiller
Easy operation
Support OEM/ODM

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Basic Principles of Laser Machine

Laser welding combines modern science and technology with traditional craftsmanship. Compared with traditional welding, its application is more extensive, and the welding effect and precision are also higher. As a new generation of laser welding products, Fortune Laser small handheld laser welding machine, the laser we choose is a high-quality light source in the domestic and foreign brand industry.

Small handheld laser welding machine has the characteristics of fast welding speed, high efficiency, good welding effect, less welding consumables, long life and environmental protection. It can be widely used in kitchen utensils, door and window guardrails, stair elevators, stainless steel furniture, metal sheet metal, advertising Brand, craft gifts, auto repair, automobile manufacturing, rail transit and aerospace and other industries welding.


At the same time, this small hand-held laser welding machine supports cutting and welding at the same time and standard wire distribution machine, which can reduce the clearance requirements of parts and further improve the welding quality. It can also be used in conjunction with a collaborative robot to fix the welding torch on the collaborative robot, reducing the operator's labor intensity and improving the welding quality of the weld.

1000W 1500w 2000w 3000W Mini Laser Welding Machine Advantage

 All-in-one chassis design is convenient
Fortunelaser hand-held fiber laser welding machine adopts the design of an integrated cabinet, which integrates the laser, chiller, software control, etc., and has the advantages of small footprint, convenient movement, and strong functionality.

Instead of "fixed optical path", the operation is more convenient.
Now hand-held welding, using a hand-held welding gun to replace the fixed optical path, the operation is more convenient, breaking through the limitations of the workbench, to meet the welding of various angles and positions. In addition, infrared positioning is used for more precise positioning and calibration of the welding position to ensure more beautiful welds.

Small thermal deformation, smooth and beautiful weld
We can see that the welding seam of the optical fiber hand-held laser welding machine is smooth and beautiful, the welding workpiece has no deformation, no welding scar, and the welding is firm, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost. Traditional welding is difficult to achieve the beauty of welding of complex workpieces, while hand-held welding can achieve right angles, rounded corners and more welding methods, making welding easier.

The welding depth is large and the welding is firm
The hand-held fiber laser welding machine is mainly used for laser welding of long-distance and large workpieces. The heat-affected area during welding is small, which will not cause work deformation, blackening, and traces on the back. The welding depth is large, the welding is firm, and the melting is sufficient.

One machine supports three functions of welding, cutting and cleaning
The conversion of 3 functions can be realized only by the laser head.

Fortune Laser Mini Laser Welding Machine Technical Parameters





Laser Power




Cooling Way

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Laser Wavelength




Way of Working

Continuous/ Modulation

Fiber Length

Standard 10m, the longest customized length 15m







Speed range of welder




Operating Voltage

AV 220V

Focal Spot Diameter


Welding thickness



About SUP 3 In 1 Laser Head

The super-powered laser welding, cleaning and cutting three-in-one system is our latest three-in-one integrated system that supports handheld laser welding, laser cleaning, and laser cutting at the same time. The working mode can be switched freely according to different application scenarios, providing diversified solutions for users' different  application requirements.The product covers welding heads/cleaning heads and self-developed control systems, and is equipped with multiple safety alarms and active safety power and light cut settings. It is developed on the basis of the hand-held welding heads that our company has mass-produced, and has the characteristics of high reliability and strong stability.The product can be adapted to various brands of fiber lasers, and the optical and water-cooled design is optimized so that the laser head can work stably for a long time under 2000W.


l Basic features: self-developed three-in-one control system, flexible switching of welding, cleaning, and cutting, multiple safety alarms, simple and flexible operation.

l More stable: All parameters are visible, real-time monitoring of the status of the whole machine, avoiding problems in advance, facilitating troubleshooting and solving problems, and ensuring stable operation of the system.

l Process: Process parameters can be set, and various process effects can be tried flexibly.

l Stable parameters and high repeatability: The determined nozzle air pressure and lens state, as long as the laser power is stable, the process parameters must be repeatable, which greatly improves efficiency.


Supply voltage (V)

 220V±10% AC 50/60Hz

Place the environment

 Flat, no vibration and shock

Working environmenttemperature (℃)


Working environment humidity(%)


Cooling method

 Water cooling



Focus (handheld welding mode)


Focus (cleaning mode)



 30*14 T2

Protective lens specifications


Maximum supported air pressure 


Focus vertical adjustment range


Spot adjustment range (handheldwelding mode)


Spot adjustment range (cleaningmode)



Specifications for the use of hand-held laser welding machines

1. The casing of the laser welding machine needs to be connected to a safety ground. During the work, the safety regulations of the laser welding machine do not face the laser beam with your eyes, and do not let your body touch the laser beam to avoid injury.

2. Read the instruction manual carefully and operate the laser welding machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

3. If the laser welding machine needs to be repaired, it must be powered off, and it must be confirmed that the charge on the energy storage capacitor has been discharged before it can be carried out, so as to avoid electric shock accidents. If there is any abnormal phenomenon during operation, it needs to be powered off for inspection.

4. The circulating water in the laser welding machine must be kept clean, otherwise the output of the laser will be affected. The user can determine the cycle of replacing the cooling water according to the boot time, water quality and other conditions. generally speaking, the water replacement cycle in summer is shorter than that in winter. some.

5. Pay attention to keep the environment and laser welding machine clean, and check whether the laser rod and optical components are polluted frequently.

What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Operation Of Laser Hand-held Laser Welding Machine?

1. It is necessary to wear radiation-proof glasses, masks, and safety protective clothing to ensure the safe production of staff
2. It is not allowed to use the same ground with arc welding machine (argon arc welding, electric welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding machine) to prevent the current backflow from affecting the laser components.
3. It should be noted that the welding head of the hand-held laser welding machine cannot be aimed at the body.
4. The welding head cannot be placed on the ground, and attention should be paid to dust prevention.
5. During the welding process, pay attention that the bending radius of the optical fiber bellows should not be too small, so as not to burn the optical fiber.
6. In case of any unexpected situation, press the emergency stop button immediately. If it stops working temporarily, please click "Stop" to enter the standby state.
7. After use, or stop working after work, please click "Stop" to enter the standby state and then turn off the device.
In this winter season, everyone also needs to pay attention to the antifreeze of the laser welding machine when using the laser hand-held laser welding machine. The water in the waterway system freezes, which will affect the normal use of the equipment and damage the entire refrigeration system.

Why use shielding gas when welding with hand-held laser welding machine?

1. Protects the focusing lens from metal vapor contamination and sputtering of liquid droplets
2. Shielding gas is very effective for dissipating plasma shielding produced by high-power laser welding
3. The shielding gas can protect the workpiece from oxidation during the welding process


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