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Laser Cutting Machine for Agricultural Machinery

Laser Cutting Machine for Agricultural Machinery

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In the agriculture machinery industry, both thin and thick metal parts are used. The common specifications of these varying metal parts need to be both durable against harsh conditions, and they need to be long lasting as well as precise.

In the agricultural sector, part sizes are often large. And the sheet metal materials such as ST37, ST42, ST52 are commonly used. Sheet metals from 1.5 mm to 15 mm thickness are used in the bodies of agricultural machinery. Materials ranging from 1mm to 4mm are used for frames, cabinets, and various interior components.

Agricultural Machinery

With Fortune Laser machines, both large and small sections, such as cabin bodies, axles and lower parts, can be cut and welded. These small parts can be put to use in various machinery, from the tractor to the axle. A high-power laser machine can be used to manufacture these necessary parts. A long, large and strong machine will get the job done easily. At the same time, needed machines are should be able to ensure agricultural industry to produce large sized machines.

Advantages of using metal laser cutting machine for agriculture machinery

High processing accuracy

Traditional stamping processing requires positioning, and there may be positioning deviations that affect the accuracy of the work-piece. While the laser cutting machine adopts professional CNC operation control system, and the cutting work-piece can be positioned very accurately. Since it’s non-contact processing, the laser cutting doesn’t damage the surface of the work-piece.

Reduce material waste and production cost

Traditional punching machines will produce a large amount of leftovers when processing complex circular, arc-shaped and special-shaped parts, which will increase the cost and waste of the material. The laser cutting machine can realize automatic typesetting and automatic nesting through cutting software, which fundamentally solves the problem of reusing scraps and plays a key role in reducing costs. Large-format plates are processed and formed at one time, no need to consume molds, it’s economical and time-saving, which speeds up the development or update of the new agricultural machinery products.

Easy to use

Punch processing has higher requirements for punch die design and mold making. The laser cutting machine only needs CAD drawing, the cutting control system is easy to learn and use. There is no need for much specialized experience for the operator, and the later maintenance of the machine is simple, which can save a lot of labor and maintenance costs.

Safety and environmental protection

The stamping process has high noise and strong vibration, which is harmful to the health of the operators. While the laser cutting machines use high-power-density laser beams to process materials, no noise, no vibration, and relatively safe. Equipped with dust removal and ventilation system, the emission meets national environmental protection requirements.