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Continuous Laser Welding Machine

Continuous Laser Welding Machine

The Fortune Laser continuous optical fiber CW laser welding machine is consist of welding body, welding working table, water chiller and controller system etc. This series of equipment is 3-5 times of the speed than the traditional optical fiber transmission laser welding machine. It can precisely weld flat, circumference, line type products and non-standard customized production lines.

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Fiber CW Laser Welding Machine Features

1. Excellent laser beam quality, accurate and fast welding for complex parts, logo, metal words, etc.

2. Solid and perfect welds fully meet the welding requirements of different industries and projects;

3. Controlled by PC, with special control software assisted, and it’s easy to learn the operation. The work-piece can be used for plane trajectory movement, which supports to weld any point, straight line, circle, square or any plane graphic composed of straight line and arc;

4. With CCD liquid crystal camera monitoring system, users can clearly observe the real-time positioning and welding effect;

5. High electro-optic conversion rate, low energy consumption, and no consumables. Can save a lot of processing cost for users after long term use;

6. The welding line is fine, the welding depth is large, the taper is small, and the precision is high. The appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful;

7. Support 360°rotation welding, with large welding range, and flexible welding of hard-reach position;

8. The welding machine can be upgraded with a handheld welding gun to achieve manual welding;

9. Suitable for 24 hours industrial mass production and processing.

Welding Head Features

The swaying welding head has a strong advantage in high-reflective material welding, wide range of application, it is very cost effective

The welding head adopts motor-driven X- and Y-axis vibrating lenses, it has various swing modes and able to work on irregular shapes, larger welding spot and other processing parameters setting can improve markedly in welding quality

The internal structure of the welding head is completely sealed to avoid dust contamination of the optical part

Equipped with air curtain components to reduce contamination of dust and splash residues.

The protective lens has a drawer structure and is easy to replace. Can be equipped with various QBH connector laser sources.



FL-CW1000 / FL-CW1500 / FL-CW2000

Laser Source

1000W / 1500W / 2000W

Laser Head


Welding Depth


X/Y/Z Axis positioning accuracy


X/Y/Z Axis Repositioning accuracy


Laser working method


Emission Wavelength


Modulation Frequency


Spot Size


Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz single phrase/AC 380V 50Hz single phrase

Electric Current


Total Power


Operating Temperature

10-40℃< 70% Humidity

Cooling Method

Water cooling 1000w/1500W/200W(optional)


For option


SS, CS, Brass, Aluminum,Galvanized sheet, etc.



Package Dimension


Fiber Laser Generator for option

Supported Welding Material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, cooper-brass, cooper-titanium, nickel cooper, cooper-titanium and many other dissimilar metals.

Industry Application

● Automotive industry: engine cylinder head gasket, hydraulic tappet seal welding, spark plug welding, filter welding, etc.

● Hardware industry: impeller, kettle, handle, etc., welding of insulated cups, complex stamping parts and castings.

● Sanitary industry: welding of water pipe joints, reducers, tees, valves, and showers.

● Glasses industry: precision welding of glasses, such as stainless steel and titanium alloy, and the outer frame.

● Household hardware, kitchen utensils, stainless steel door handles, electronic components, sensors, watches, precision machinery, communications, handicrafts, and other industries, automotive hydraulic tappets and other high-intensity industry products welding.

● Medical industry: welding of medical instruments, medical equipment, stainless steel seals, structural parts.

● Electronics industry: solid-state relay seal welding, welding of connector connectors, welding of metal casings and structural parts such as mobile phones and MP3s. Welding of motor housings and wires, fiber optic connector connectors, etc.

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