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Fortune Laser 3W 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

Fortune Laser 3W 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

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Fine marking effect

Marking is clear and firm


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Basic Principles of UV Marking Machine

In the field of modern precision processing, because the traditional laser marking machine uses laser thermal processing technology, the development of fineness is limited, and the emergence of ultraviolet laser marking machine breaks this deadlock, which uses a kind of cold processing Process, the processing process is called "photoetching" effect, "cold processing" (ultraviolet) photons with high load energy can break the chemical bonds in the material or the surrounding medium, so that the material undergoes non-thermal process damage, and the inner layer and nearby There is no heating or thermal deformation in the area, and the final processed material has smooth edges and extremely low carbonization, so the fineness and thermal influence are minimized, which is a great leap forward in laser technology.

The reaction mechanism of ultraviolet laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, relying on laser energy to break the bonding between atoms or molecules, making them gasify and evaporate as small molecules. The focused spot is extremely small, and the processing heat-affected zone is very small, so it can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking.

3W 5W Laser Marking Machine Characteristic:

The UV desktop air-cooled laser has three output wavelengths for customers to choose, 355nm UV. For 355nm ultraviolet laser, the average output power is 1-5W optional. The laser repetition frequency is adjustable within the range of 20KHz-200KHz, and the laser beam quality M square factor is less than 1.2. One-piece design, the internal drive circuit board is integrated, and the laser output can be obtained by connecting the external 12V power supply. Without adjusting frame manufacturing process, the laser has stable mechanical performance and can run stably for a long time.

Fortune Laser Automatic Laser Welding Machine Technical Parameters




Laser Power



Cooling Way

Air Cooling

Laser Wavelength


Output power



Maximum pulse energy



Pulse Repetition Frequency



Pulse duration



Average power stability



Polarization ratio

>100:1 Horizontal

>100:1 Horizontal

Beam circularity



Environment Requirement

Working temp: 18°-26°,

Humidity: 30% - 85%.

Control Board & Software

JCZ EZcad2


Machine Features:

1.All-in-one design

2.Strong mechanical stability

3.Strong resistance to external temperature interference

4.Good beam quality

5.Long-term work stability is high, 24/7 industrial application

6.CLASS 1000 clean room installation

7.RS232 remote computer control

8.External TTL and PWM control

9.Repetition frequency 20-200 kHz adjustable

What Application Can This Machine Be Used For?

1) Plastic material processing

UV laser can apply to most universal plastic and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS, EVA, etc., and plastic alloy, like PC/ABS and other material. The marking is clear and bright, and can mark black and white color on natural color plastic, white plastic, colored plastic and black plastic. Successful commercialized application in the plastics include animal ear tag, light switch cover, cosmetic packaging material, vehicle interior button  and doorknob, instrument panel, ABS keyboard, HDPE, PET and PVC rigid container and container cover, nylon and PBT automobile and non-automobile electrical connector, engine hood element such as fuse box and air cap, anti-counterfeit labels, container lock catch, stationery, home appliance shell, etc.

2)Glass material processing

Since the focal spot of UV laser is very tiny and processing temperature is low, furthermore as a non-contact marking technology, UV laser is very suitable to mark glass material. Successful UV laser commercialized applications include wine bottle, flavour bottle, drinking bottle and other industries glass bottle package and glass tableware, glass crafts gifts, crystal marking, etc. Besides marking glass directly, UV laser can also remove paint or coat on glass to form text or pattern, like logo, number or other patterns;

3)Metal laser marking

UV laser can mark identification on common metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, carbon steel, various alloy steel, tool steel, hard alloy, aluminum alloy, chromium plating, nickel plating,  zinc plating, various grinding, polished metal surface, etc. The identification can be logo, product name, technical parameter, supplier name, safety matters, etc.

4)UV laser precise drilling and cutting

UV laser can drill or cut common materials, such as plastic, glass, metals ,etc. Higher laser power, thicker materials to drill or cut. Our 5W UV laser can cut materials with thickness 1mm. Successful UV laser commercialized applications include clothing manufacture, shoe manufacture, crafts and gifts manufacture, machine, parts production, etc.

5)UV laser marking mask(non-woven fabric material)

UV laser can mark non-woven fabric material, the marking is black and readable.

6)UV laser marking wood

UV laser is a cold processing method, it produces low heat when marking on wood. There is no risk of fire for UV laser marking on wood, while traditional fiber laser and CO2 laser are heat processing method,  which may cause fire hazard.

Advantages Of Automatic Laser Welding Technology:

1. UV laser not only has good beam quality, but also has a smaller focus spot, which can realize ultra-fine marking; the scope of application is wider.

2. Due to the small focus spot and small heat-affected zone of processing, ultraviolet laser can be used for ultra-fine marking and marking of special materials. It is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effect.

3. The heat-affected area of the ultraviolet laser is extremely small, will not produce thermal effects, and will not cause material burnt problems; the marking speed is fast and the efficiency is high; the whole machine has stable performance, small size, and low power consumption.

4. In addition to copper materials, ultraviolet lasers are suitable for processing a wider range of materials.

5. The space control and time control of the laser are very good, and the degree of freedom for the material, shape, size and processing environment of the processing object is very large, especially for automatic processing and special surface processing. And the processing method is flexible, which can not only meet the needs of laboratory-style single-item design, but also meet the requirements of industrial mass production.

What Is The Difference Between UV Laser Marking And Fiber Laser Marking?

1. The lasers are different: the fiber laser marking machine uses a fiber laser, and the UV laser marking machine uses a short-wavelength ultraviolet laser.

UV laser is a completely different technology from fiber laser technology. UV laser is also called blue laser beam. This technology has the ability to engrave with low calorific value. It does not heat the surface of materials like fiber laser marking machines. It belongs to cold light Sculpture.

2. The laser wavelength is different: the laser wavelength of the optical fiber marking machine is 1064nm, and the laser wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is 355nm.

3. Different fields of application: Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for engraving most metal materials and some non-metallic materials. UV laser marking machine can clearly mark all plastics and other materials that have adverse reactions to heat, especially suitable for food , Marking of pharmaceutical packaging materials, drilling micro-holes, high-speed division of glass materials and complex graphic cutting of silicon wafers and other application fields.


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