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Laser Welding Head

Laser Welding Head

The laser welding heads brands we use for the welding machines are usually OSPRI, Raytools, Qilin, etc. We can also produce the laser welders as customers required.

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OSPRI Fiber Laser Welding Head

Handheld Wobble Laser Welding Head LHDW200

●Protable and flexible with 0.88kG net weight.

●Modular catridge of protection window is convenient for maintenance.

●Ergonomic design is preferable to operate in long time processing.

●Compatible with various nozzles to meet different welding technical demands.

●Water cooling for all optics and the cavity to extend service lifespan of the welding head.

●Capacitve safety protection to avoid laser damage during processing.

Connector Type: QBH

Wobble Range: 1.5mm

Applicable Wavelength: 10801 10nm

Wobble Speed:600r/min .6000r/min

Laser Power: s2KW

Blowing Way: coaxial

Collimation Length: 50mm

Gas Pressure: s1Mpa

Focus Length: F125. F150

Net Weight: 0.88KG

Intelligent Double-axis Wobble Welding Head LDW200/LDW400

● Editable laser spot trajectory.

● Water cooling for all optics and the cavity to extend service lifespan of the welding head.

● Laser Power: 2000W / 4000W

● Integrated CCD and display module can carry visual software and welding

seam tracking system.

Collimation Length: 75mm

Focus Length: 150mm/ 200mm/ 250mm/ 300mm

Scanning Range: X: 0~5mm Y: 0~ 5mm

Wobble Frequency: 1500Hz

Weight: 5.7KG

Raytools Laser Welding Head

BW210 Laser Welding Head

●Different versions applicable to fiber laser, direct diode laser and blue laser for option.

●Light-duty and compact design.

●Both collimation and focus lens are water cooled.

●CCD interface and laser vision seam tracking interface is optional for expanding of function.

●Efficient fluid structure design to obtain the best protection to melting pool.

●Coaxial nozzle or air knife+side blow nozzle is optional.

Fiber Interface: QBH, QD; Power rating: 2KW

Focal Length of Collimation/Focusing Lens: 100mm: 150/ 200/250/300mm


Clear Aperture: 28mm

Cover Glass (Bottom): 27.9*4. 1mm

BF330M Wobble Laser Welding Head

●Various wobbling paths like continuous circle, continuous line, spot weld circle, spot weld line, C type and S type.

●Both internal control and external control mode.

●CCD or laser vision seam tracking interface is optional for expanding of function.

●Strengthened melting pool could be acquired comparing to standard welding. , To increase melting width, gas adaptability and reduce seam defects.

●Smooth and efficient fluid structure to obtain the best protection to melting pool.

Fiber Interface: QBH, QD; Power rating: 4KW

Collimator Focal Length: 100mm; Clear Aperture: 35mm

Focusing Focal Length: 250mm, 400mm

Wobble Frequency:≤1500Hz (Depends on the wobble diameter)

Collimation Side (Top): 30*1.5mm Focusing Side (Bottom): 38* 2mm

BW101 Handheld Laser Welding Head

●Light-duty design with comfortable access.

●Wide welding seam, low porosity and excellent melting pool protection.

●Single axis wobbling circle 1.7mm or 2.0mm by applying FL125mm or FL150mm.

●Various welding nozzles included for option.

●Multiple safety protection with auto beam off function once the nozzle goes away from workpiece.

●Laser welding control system and HMI panel are included.

●Wire feeder as optional to expand application range.

Fiber Interface: QBH

Power rating: 4KW

Collimator Focal Length: 60mm

Clear Aperture: 15mm

Focusing Focal Length: 125mm, 150mm

Wobbling Circle Diameter: 1.7mm/ 2.0mm

Focusing Side (Bottom):20*3mm

Qilin Handheld Laser Welding Head

●Qilin Handheld Laser Welding Head is a powerful hand-held welding head, which can realize a variety of light output modes such as point, line, circle, triangle, 8-character and so on.

●Lightweight and flexible, the grip design conforms to ergonomics.

●The protective lens is easy to replace.

●High quality optical lens, can support 2000W power.

●Good cooling system design can effectively control the working temperature of the product.

●Good sealing performance, which can significantly improve the service

life of the product.

MAX. Power: 2000W

Laser Incident Mode: coaxial

Laser Wavelength Range: 1070+/-20

Spot Size: 1.2-5.0mm (optical)

Collimating Length: 50mm

Focusing Length: 80mm, 150mm

Connector Type: QBH

Protective Gas: argon/ nitrogen Gross weight1.32 kg

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