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Fortune Laser 200W Gold Silver Copper Jewelry YAG Laser Welding Machine with Microscope

Fortune Laser 200W Gold Silver Copper Jewelry YAG Laser Welding Machine with Microscope

● Manual welding without any fixture

● Self-equipped microscope touch screen

● Built-in water chiller

● Full Digital Control

● Welding quality is high and the welding spot is pollution-free

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Working principle of jewelry welding machine

Jewelry has always been an enduring industry. People's pursuit of jewelry has always been to keep improving, but exquisite jewelry is often quite troublesome to make. With the advancement of technology, traditional jewelry craftsmen are gradually missing. Because of its complicated process, it is difficult to The grinding method makes the processing cost high and the efficiency low, and the appearance of the laser spot welding machine reduces the processing procedure of the jewelry industry, making jewelry processing a worthwhile leap.

Laser spot welding machine is a kind of laser material processing equipment. The laser welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation gradually diffuses into the interior of the material through heat conduction. After reaching a certain temperature, a specific molten pool is formed to achieve the purpose of welding.

Jewelry is a very small part in the process of processing and polishing. The xenon lamp of the jewelry laser welding machine is mainly lit by the laser power supply and illuminates the YAG crystal rod. At the same time, the pump of the jewelry laser welding machine can have a certain power of laser energy through the half mirror and full mirror, and then optimize the laser quality by the beam expander and reflect the output laser through the galvanometer, which can be directly welded on the material component.

200W Jewelry Laser weldingMachine Features

● Light workbench, fast welding speed and high efficiency.

● Imported ceramic concentrating cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, xenon lamp life of more than 8 million times.

● Quantity, pulse width, frequency, spot size, etc. can be adjusted within a large range to achieve a variety of welding effects. The parameters are adjusted by the control rod in the closed chamber, which is simple and efficient.

● The advanced automatic shading system eliminates eye irritation during working hours.

● With 24-hour continuous working ability, the whole machine has stable working performance and is maintenance-free within 10,000 hours.

● Humanized design, ergonomics, working for a long time without fatigue.

Fortune Laser Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Technical Parameters



Laser Type


Laser Power


Cooling Way

Water cooling

Laser Wavelength


Spot adjustment range


Pulse width




Concentrator cavity

Ceramic condenser



Protective gas

Argon gas

Positioning system

Microscope display

Rated power


Main configuration(Machine color optional)

What applications is this machine suitable for?

The equipment is advanced in technology and can weld gold, silver, platinum, titanium and their alloys, electroplated nickel strips and other materials.

The laser welding equipment has high power and can weld materials with a thickness of up to 3mm. It is an excellent tool for welding precision, complex and small parts. Equipped with a precision laser beam, the equipment delivers narrow welds with minimal heat-affected zones, which is critical for welding sensitive components that require precision.

The laser spot welding equipment is suitable for various industries such as optoelectronic devices, electronics, communications, machinery, automobiles, military industry, and gold jewelry. Its versatility makes it a great tool for professionals who need precision welding on the job. 

The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate, ensuring the efficiency of every task. It is equipped with smart functions that enable the operator to adjust the distance between the laser nozzle and the workpiece, the power output and the laser pulse frequency, etc. This allows flexible operation, thus enabling the operator to complete different welding tasks.

This laser spot welding equipment is specially designed to meet the needs of professionals with consistent precision welding requirements. Its advanced technology ensures an efficient, precise and reliable welding process, making it an excellent tool for a wide variety of applications. 

For example, jewelry manufacturers can benefit from laser spot welding equipment to repair delicate components, make custom pieces and create intricate designs. The minimal heat-affected zone ensures that the quality of the jewelry remains intact, maintaining its original beauty. 

In the automotive industry, the equipment is used for soldering sensitive components such as sensors, connectors and other electronic components. Precision welding ensures that components operate efficiently and seamlessly, enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle. Medical device manufacturers can also use the device to weld sensitive components, which is critical in the production of surgical tools, pacemakers and other sensitive medical equipment. Precision welding ensures that the device operates at optimal levels, providing the best possible patient care.

Is it difficult to operate the machine ?

Spot welding is not complicated to use.

1. Set the welding parameters according to the jewelry to be welded. For the setting of this parameter, please refer to the manual.

2. Place the jewelry on the machine welding area

3. Step on the pedal to start the spot welding machine;

4. After the welding is completed, take off the jewelry and place a new workpiece to be welded, cycle 2-4.


1. What kind of maintenance does the jewelry laser spot welding machine need?

Regular cleaning and calibration are very important to keep your laser spot welder in good working order. Manufacturers often provide maintenance plans and guidelines for their machines.

2. Can the jewelry laser spot welding machine be used for other purposes besides jewelry welding?

Yes, some laser spot welders can be used for other applications, such as welding electronic components or medical devices.

3. What are the safety precautions for using jewelry laser spot welding machine?

Safety glasses or goggles should be worn when operating the laser spot welding machine to protect the operator's eyes. Also, the machine should be used in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhalation of fumes.

4. Are there any restrictions on using the jewelry laser spot welding machine?

While jewelry laser spot welders are very precise and effective, there are some limitations to their use. They may not be suitable for welding very large or very small parts, and some metals may not be compatible with the machine.


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