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Portable Desktop 5030 60W Autofocus Co2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

Portable Desktop 5030 60W Autofocus Co2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

● Small size with autofocus function

● The cutting head is lighter and the rotary table can be installed

● With red light positioning and servo motor drive

● Works completely offline and USB interface

● Machine touch screen work

● Fully enclosed all-in-one design

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Co2 laser cutting engraving machine working principle

The laser beam is transmitted and focused on the surface of the material through the optical mechanism, and the material at the action point of the high energy density laser beam is rapidly vaporized to form pits. Use the computer to control the x-y console to drive the laser head to move and control the switch of the laser according to the requirements. The image information processed by the software has been stored in the computer in a certain way. When the information is read from the computer in sequence, the laser head will move along Scan back and forth line by line from left to right and from top to bottom along the scanning track. Whenever a "1" point is scanned, the laser is turned on, and when a "0" point is scanned, the laser is turned off. The information stored in the computer is done in binary, which coincides with the two states of the laser switch.

Fortune Laser Co2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Cooling Way

Water Cooling

Laser Wavelength


Laser lifetime




Working Area


Working Speed


Positioning Accuracy


Z-axis Travelling Distance


Workpiece Thickness

22mm max

Cutting Thickness

15mm basswood


USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi



Operation Control

Touchscreen, Mobile App, PC Software

Supported File Format


Power Supply

220/110V AC 50/60Hz





About Fortune Laser CO2 Laser

Cutting Engraving Features

1. We use a 60W laser tube with the advantage of high power and thin light to prevent blackening and yellowing.

2. Adopt Taiwan HIWIN high-precision micro guide rail to make the cutting more precise and the interface and engraving more fine

3. The dedicated touch screen and mobile APP can better control the working status of the device.

4. Use metal baking paint to make the appearance more beautiful, and the metal appearance is more effective to protect the safety of use

5. The drawer of the slide rail of the workbench assembly adopts the automatic mute rebound (press the bomb) type three-section drawer slide rail. Press the drawer and it will pop up automatically, which is convenient for placing and collecting cutting and engraving objects; the workbench adopts a detachable design for easy cleaning of dust and debris

6. The honeycomb workbench has been blackened and will not feel dirty after a long time of use.

7. The laser tube adopts an inward folding design, which is convenient for removing the machine cover when replacing the laser tube.

8. Use the laser head auto focus method, no need to worry about the laser focal length.

9. The whole equipment adopts silent heat dissipation to keep the noise below 60 decibels

10. Smoke filtration adopts dust filtration → activated carbon filtration → UV ultraviolet photochemical treatment →ozone decomposition treatment, so as to reduce or reduce the emission of dust and harmful gases. Eliminate or reduce air pollution and threats to the human body

The difference between our machine and other brands of machines

1 GlowForge uses Yongli glass CO2 laser tube, and Fortune Laser CO2 desktop machine uses a laser tube with smaller spot, so the cutting edge is more precise and avoids the phenomenon of yellowing and blackening

2. Fortune Laser CO2 machine provided uses 5L large-capacity water cooling, which is better than the 1.5L cooling effect of other mainstream machines in the market

3. Fortune Laser CO2 desktop level provided will have different indicator lights in different states during standby and work, which is convenient for identification and shooting; while other mainstream machines do not have this function

4. Fortune LaserCO2 machine adopts an integrated structure, which integrates the integrated design of air pump intake, dust extraction and cooling. What you see is what you get without additional modules; while other brands of machines need to install the dust extraction pipe by themselves

5. Our machine runs silently as a whole, measured <60dB

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can Co2 laser cutting machine cutting metal?

Co2 laser cutting machine can cut metal, but the efficiency is very low, generally not used in this way; CO2 laser cutting machine is also called non-metallic laser cutting machine, which is specially used for cutting non-metallic materials. For CO2, metal materials are highly reflective Materials, almost all of the laser light is reflected but not absorbed, and the efficiency is low.

2.How to ensure the correct installation and commissioning of CO2 laser cutting machine?

Our machine is equipped with instructions, just connect the lines according to the instructions, no additional debugging is required.

3.Do need to use specific accessories?

No, we will provide all the accessories needed by the machine.

4.How to reduce the material deformation problem caused by using CO2 laser?

Choose the appropriate power according to the characteristics and thickness of the material to be cut, which can reduce the deformation of the material caused by excessive power.

5.Under no circumstances should parts be opened or attempted to be reassembled?

Yes, without our advice, it is not recommended to disassemble it by yourself, because this will violate the warranty rules.

6.Is this machine only for cutting?

Not only cutting, but also engraving, and the power can be adjusted to make the effect different.

7.What else can the machine be connected to besides the computer?

Our machine also supports connecting mobile phones.

8.Is this machine suitable for beginners?

Yes, our machine is very easy to use, just select the graphics that need to be engraved on the computer, and then the machine will start to work;

9.Can I test a sample first?

Of course, you can send the template you need to engrave, we will test it for you;

10.What is the warranty period of the machine?

The warranty period of our machine is 1 year.

What are the applications of co2 laser cutting machine?

Wood, acrylic, paper, cloth, epoxy resin, plastic, rubber, crystal, etc., CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, electronic appliances, models, handicrafts, advertising and other industries and decoration , packaging and printing, paper products and other industries. 

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