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Fortune Laser Pulse Air Cooling 200W/300W Mini Laser Cleaning Machine

Fortune Laser Pulse Air Cooling 200W/300W Mini Laser Cleaning Machine

● All In One

● Multiple cleaning modes available

● Easy To Use

● Laser head can be touched

● Multiple cleaning modes available

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What kind of latest technological developments have been achieved in the field of laser cleaning machines?

Laser cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment widely used in various industries. It has significant advantages in cleaning effect, speed and environmental protection. The latest technological developments demonstrate product innovation and forward-lookingness in the following aspects:

(1) High-energy laser technology: This technology provides laser cleaning machines with more powerful cleaning capabilities. Using high-energy laser beams, a variety of surfaces can be cleaned more deeply, including materials such as metals, ceramics, and plastics. High-energy lasers quickly remove stains, grease and coatings while maintaining the integrity of surfaces. 

(2) High-precision positioning system: Modern laser cleaning machines are equipped with a high-precision positioning system to ensure that the cleaning process is accurate to every detail. By using high-precision cameras, sensors and algorithms, laser cleaning machines can intelligently identify and position objects based on the shape and contours of their surfaces, resulting in more refined and consistent cleaning results.

(3) Adaptive cleaning mode: The innovative adaptive cleaning mode allows the laser cleaning machine to automatically adjust the cleaning process based on the characteristics of the object surface and the degree of stains. Through real-time monitoring and feedback mechanisms, laser cleaning machines can adjust the power, speed and area of ​​the laser beam as needed to achieve optimal cleaning results while minimizing waste of energy and materials.

(4) Environmentally friendly performance: Laser cleaning machines do not require the use of chemical cleaners or large amounts of water during the cleaning process, so they have significant environmentally friendly performance. It can effectively remove stains without polluting the environment, reducing dependence on chemical cleaners and saving water use. This environmentally friendly performance makes laser cleaning machines a sustainable cleaning solution.

300W Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine Features

● Non-contact cleaning without damaging the matrix of the parts;

● Accurate cleaning, can achieve precise position, accurate size selective cleaning;

● Do not need any chemical cleaning liquid, no consumables, safety and environmental protection;

● Simple operation, hand-held or with the manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning;

● Ergonomics design, operating labor intensity greatly reduced;

● Trolley design, with its own moving wheel, easy to move;

● Cleaning efficiency, save time;

● laser cleaning system is stable with little maintenance;

Fortune Laser Air Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine Technical Parameters




Laser Type

Domestic Nanosecond Pulse Fiber

Laser Power



Cooling Way

Air Cooling

Air Cooling

Laser Wavelength



Power Regulation Range

0- 100%( Gradient Adjustable)

Maximum Monopulse



Repeat Frequency (kHz)

1-3000 (Gradient Adjustable )

1-4000 (Gradient Adjustable )

Scan Range (length * width)

0mm~145 mm, continuously adjustable;

Biaxial: supporting 8 scanning modes

Fiber Length


Field Mirror Focal Length ( mm)

210mm ( Optional 160mm/254mm/330mm/420mm)

Machine Size (Length,

Width And Height)

About 770mm*375mm*800mm

Machine Weight


Product structure

( 1 ) Structure of Cleaning Head

( 2 ) Overall Dimension

(3) Boot interface

Note: The software interface LOGO, equipment model, company information, etc. can be customized, this picture is only for description (the same below)

(4)Set interface

Language switch: Set the system language mode, currently supports 9 kinds including Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean, French, etc.;

(5)Operation interface:

The operation interface provides 8 cleaning modes, which can be switched by clicking the scanning mode option on the interface ( circular switching): Linear Mode, Rectangular 1 Mode, Rectangular 2 Mode, Circular Mode, Sine Mode, Helix Mode, Free Mode and Ring. 

The database number can be selected on the operation interface of each mode,14 and the laser cleaning parameters can be displayed and set, including: laser power,   laser frequency, pulse width (valid for pulsed laser) or duty cycle (valid for continuous laser), scanning mode, scanning speed , the number of scans and the scan range (width, height).

What are the cost benefits of laser cleaning machines compared to traditional cleaning methods?

Save labor costs: Traditional cleaning methods usually require a lot of labor investment, including operators and cleaners. Laser cleaning machines use automated technology and require only a small number of personnel to monitor and operate, greatly reducing manpower requirements. This can reduce the company's labor costs and improve production efficiency and effectiveness. Save detergents and water resources: Laser cleaning machines do not require the use of chemical detergents or large amounts of water during the cleaning process, thus saving the use of detergents and water resources. Traditional cleaning methods usually require large amounts of detergent and water, which not only increases the company's procurement costs, but also has a negative impact on the environment. The water-saving ability of laser cleaning machines meets the requirements of modern society for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Reduce waste disposal costs: Traditional cleaning methods may produce large amounts of waste water and waste liquids, which need to be treated and discharged, increasing the cost of waste disposal. The laser cleaning machine cleans non-contactly, does not produce waste water and waste liquid, and reduces the cost and operation steps of waste disposal.

Save energy and reduce lighting costs: The laser cleaning machine uses high-energy laser beams during the cleaning process, which has better cleaning results and greatly reduces the number of cleaning times and cleaning time. In comparison, traditional cleaning methods may require multiple cleanings and consume more power and lighting equipment. The energy-saving effect of laser cleaning machines can reduce a company's energy bills and lighting costs.

To sum up, laser cleaning machines have obvious cost-effectiveness compared with traditional cleaning methods, including saving labor costs, detergents and water resources, waste disposal costs, and energy saving and lighting cost reduction. These cost benefits are of great significance in enterprise operations and can improve the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.


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