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Laser Cooling System for Laser Cutter Welder

Laser Cooling System for Laser Cutter Welder

Water Chiller CWFL-1500 For Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

CWFL-1500 water chiller developed by S&A Teyu is made especially for fiber laser applications up to 1.5KW. This industrial water chiller is a temperature control device featuring two independent refrigeration circuits in one package. Therefore, separate cooling from just one chiller can be provided for the fiber laser and the laser head, saving considerable space and cost at the same time.

Two digital temperature controllers of the chiller are designed with built-in alarms so that your fiber laser machine can always be well protected against circulation problems or overheating. This laser water chiller is also designed with easy-to-read level check, caster wheels for easy mobility, high performance cooling fan and intelligent temperature control function which suggests water temperature can adjust itself automatically as the ambient temperature changes.

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1. Dual channel design for cooling fiber laser and the laser head, no need of a two-chiller solution;

2. ±0.5℃ precise temperature control;

3. Temperature control range: 5-35 ℃;

4. Constant temperature and intelligent temperature control modes;

5. Built-in alarm functions to avoid water flow problem or temperature problem;

6. CE, RoHS, ISO and REACH compliant;

7. User-friendly temperature controllers for easy operation

8. Optional heater and water filter.

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chiller size

1. The working current can be different under different working conditions; The above information is for reference only. Please subject to the actual delivered product;

2. Clean, pure, impurity free water should be used. The ideal one could be purified water, clean distilled water, deionised water, etc.;

3. Change out the water periodically (every 3 months is suggested or depending on the actual working environment);

4. Location of the chiller should be well ventilated environment. There must be at least 50cm from the obstacles to the air outlet which is on the top of the chiller and should leave at least 30cm between obstacles and the air inlets which are on the side casing of the chiller. 

User-friendly temperature controllers for easy operation

Equipped with drain port and universal wheels

Dual inlet and dual outlet port made of stainless steel to prevent potential corrosion or water leakage

Water level check lets you know when it’s time to refill the tank

Cooling fan of famous brand installed. With high quality and low failure rate.

Alarm description

CWFL-1500 water chiller is designed with built-in alarm functions.

E1 - ultrahigh room temperature

E2 - ultrahigh water temperature

E3 - ultralow water temperature

E4 - room temperature sensor failure

E5 - water temperature sensor failure

E6 - external alarm input

E7 - water flow alarm input

Chiller Application

Air Cooled Chiller RMFL-1000 For 1KW-1.5KW Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Air cooled chiller RMFL-1000 is developed by S&A Teyu based on the laser welding market demand and is applicable to cool 1000W-1500W handheld fiber laser welding machine. Water cooling chiller RMFL-1000 features ±0.5℃ temperature stability with dual temperature control system which is capable of cooling the fiber laser and the laser head at the same time. In addition, it is designed with intelligent and constant temperature modes which can meet different demands in different situations.

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