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Laser Machines for Aerospace & Ship Machinery

Laser Machines for Aerospace & Ship Machinery

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In the aerospace, ship and railroad industries, the manufacturing includes but is not limited to, aircraft bodies, wings, parts of turbine engines, ships, trains and wagons. The production of these machines and parts requires cutting, welding, making holes and bending processes. The metal parts used in the production vary from thin to medium in thickness and the necessary parts are usually large in size.

Aerospace & Ship Machinery

Accordingly, the laser machines used in manufacturing such parts require large dimensions and must support the required precision of production as well as being able to work the varying angle requirements. One of the biggest obstacles of the industry is manufacturing of quality machines that master the specification and the precision of the demanded products. In short, the products manufactured by the machines must be of high quality, precise in its dimensions and comply with world standards.

The most frequently used materials in these sectors include mild steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel, etc.

Since laser cutting has characteristics of high precision, rapid processing time, low thermal impact and no mechanical effects, it has applications in many areas of aerospace engine development, from the intake of current aerospace engines to exhaust nozzles. Current laser cutting technology has resolved many challenging problems, such as cutting difficult-to-process aerospace engine components, high-precision cutting of part-leaf holes, thin-walled group-hole sections, high-efficiency machining of large, and processing of special surface parts, which is highly encouraged by current aeronautical vehicles. Progress towards high efficiency, light weight, long life, short cycle, low cost, etc. has brought a great deal of momentum to the development of the aerospace industry.

Fortune Laser machines will help much in the aerospace, ship and railroad industries smart manufacturing. Feel free to ask us for a free quote today!


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