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Solutions for low production efficiency of laser cutting machines

Solutions for low production efficiency of laser cutting machines

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The reason why fiber laser cutting machines are widely respected in the metal processing industry is mainly due to its high production efficiency and advantages in labor costs. However, many customers find that their production efficiency has not improved much after using it for a period of time. What is the reason for this? Let me tell you the reasons why the production efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines is low.
1. There is no automatic cutting process
The fiber laser cutting machine does not have an automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on the system. Cutting operators can only draw and cut manually based on experience. Automatic perforation and automatic cutting cannot be achieved during cutting, and manual adjustment is required. In the long run, the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines is naturally very low.

2. The cutting method is not suitable
When cutting metal sheets, no cutting methods such as common edges, borrowed edges, and bridging are used. In this way, the cutting path is long, the cutting time is long, and the production efficiency is very low. At the same time, the usage of consumables will also increase, and the cost will be high.

3. Nesting software is not used
Nesting software is not used during layout and cutting. Instead, the layout is done manually in the system and the parts are cut in sequence. This will cause a large amount of leftover material to be produced after cutting the board, resulting in low board utilization, and the cutting path is not optimized, making cutting time-consuming and low production efficiency.

4. The cutting power does not match the actual cutting thickness.
The corresponding fiber laser cutting machine is not selected according to the cutting actual situation. For example, if you actually need to cut 16mm carbon steel plates in large quantities, and you choose a 3000W power cutting equipment, the equipment can indeed cut 16mm carbon steel plates, but the cutting speed is only 0.7m/min, and long-term cutting will cause lens consumables to be damaged. The damage rate increases and may even affect the focusing lens. It is recommended to use 6000W power for cutting processing.

Post time: May-11-2024