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The importance of laser welding machines in the kitchen and bathroom industry

The importance of laser welding machines in the kitchen and bathroom industry

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Kitchen and bathroom is the abbreviation of kitchen and bathroom. Modern kitchen and bathroom include ceiling, kitchen and bathroom furniture, integral cabinets, bathroom cabinets, smart appliances, bathroom heaters, ventilation fans, lighting systems, integrated stoves and other kitchen and bathroom related products. Compared with the traditional concept of kitchen and bathroom, modern kitchen and bathroom have the characteristics of complete functions, practicality, and elegant appearance. They are an indispensable and important part of modern furniture and decoration. Products in the kitchen and bathroom industry are necessary in life. Under this situation, we have higher requirements for kitchen and bathroom products.

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Commonly used items for kitchen utensils include kitchen cabinets, knives, sinks, shower heads, etc. The main materials commonly used in these products are stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals. Laser welding equipment has gradually entered people’s field of vision and has become a relatively satisfactory product for many kitchen and bathroom supplies processing equipment manufacturers. Because stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, beauty and practicality, it has been widely used in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Conventional sheet metal welding process is cumbersome, time-consuming, high process requirements, poor welding effect, can not meet market demand. With the advent of handheld laser welding machines, the kitchen and bathroom products manufacturing industry has ushered in a technological revolution. The handheld laser welding machine satisfies the market’s demand for kitchen and bathroom products well, and greatly reduces the production cost, and can complete the production of products in a short production cycle. Among kitchen and bathroom materials, stainless steel is widely used in range hood panels, burner panels and other products. The thickness is relatively thin, within the range of 0.7~2mm. Laser handheld welding machines are especially suitable for welding such stainless steel plates.

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While pursuing the welding strength, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and craftsmanship of the welding appearance of the product. 

Conventional sheet metal welding has obvious disadvantages and cannot meet market demand:

1. The welding spot is relatively large during welding, the welding spot turns black and discolored, the welding effect is not beautiful, and the workpiece needs to be reprocessed later, which takes a long time and low efficiency;

2. The power of traditional welding cannot be adjusted, and it is easy for the workpiece to be incompletely welded or welded through, which leads to the problem of more consumables and increases the cost;

3. In the traditional welding process, a large amount of heat will be generated, and it is difficult to avoid various uncontrollable shrinkage, distortion, angle and other deformations of the workpiece.

4. Traditional welding has high requirements for manual proficiency. Skilled welders take a long time to grow and have requirements for salary, resulting in high labor costs. 

The handheld laser welding machine is mainly used for: stainless steel kitchenware welding, stainless steel bathroom welding, decal welding, carbon steel welding, aluminum alloy welding, metal pipe welding and other metal materials welding. Hand-held lasers can be used to complete various welding methods such as spot welding, lap welding, and fillet welding of stainless steel. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding technology has flexible operation, fast welding speed, no technical requirements, beautiful weld seams, and no need for welding. Post-grinding process, less work and other advantages.

The processing method of the laser welding machine saves a lot of cost for the enterprise. On the one hand, the welding speed of the laser welding machine is fast, which can save 2-5 welders every year, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost of the enterprise. In addition, the traditional welding process requires workers to have rich welding experience, but the hand-held laser welding machine does not need it. It is easy to operate and easy to use, which reduces the labor cost of the enterprise. The hand-held stainless steel laser welding machine can carry out laser welding of long-distance and large workpieces. The heat-affected zone is small during welding, which will not cause deformation, blackening, and traces on the back of the workpiece. Moreover, the welding depth is large, the welding is firm, and the dissolution is sufficient. There is no depression in the joint part between the convex part of the solution pool solution and the substrate!

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The emergence of laser welding machines just makes up for the shortcomings of traditional welding. Fortune Laser develops further on the basis of laser welding. The handheld laser welding machine adopts an integrated structure, with built-in integrated control system, laser system and cooling system and other mechanisms; the handheld welding torch replaces the previously fixed optical path. There is no need to set up equipment to deploy the welding station, it takes up little space, and can realize outdoor welding.

The hand-held welding head is flexible and convenient, and according to market demand, a variety of suitable welding tips have been developed to support spot welding, lap welding, fillet welding and other welding It is suitable for rapid welding of various metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, brass, and red copper. 

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In addition, Fortune Laser handheld laser welding also has the following advantages:

1. Simple operation—workers can go to work after simple systematic training, master the operation skills in a short time, and weld out the workpieces that meet the requirements. There is no need to spend a lot of money to hire a welding master, which reduces the cost of employment.

2. Fast speed – handheld laser welding is 5-10 times faster than traditional welding. One machine can save at least 2 welders a year, greatly improving work efficiency and bringing higher value to users.

3. Good welding effect – the welding seam is smooth and beautiful, no decolorization step is required for processing, the workpiece has no deformation, the welding is firm, the subsequent grinding process is reduced, and the welding consumables are less, which meets the processing needs of various high-end processes.

4. High precision – using infrared positioning, the welding position is more accurate, ensuring the aesthetics of the welding effect.

5. More convenient – support automatic wire feeding welding, get rid of the traditional manual wire feeding inconvenient, poor accuracy, poor consistency, unstable wire feeding and other problems.

If you want to learn more about laser welding, or want to buy the best laser welding machine for you, please leave a message on our website and email us directly!

Post time: Feb-10-2023