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The application of laser cutting machine in brittle materials is increasing day by day

The application of laser cutting machine in brittle materials is increasing day by day

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Laser cutting technology has been developing for decades, the technology is becoming more and more mature, the process is becoming more and more perfect, and now it has rapidly infiltrated into all walks of life, laser cutting technology is mainly based on metal materials, but in the high-end manufacturing field, there are also many non-metallic materials cutting, Such as soft materials, thermoplastic materials, ceramic materials, semiconductor materials, thin film materials and glass and other brittle materials.

In the era of rapid technological development, the popularity of smart phones, the emergence of mobile payment, video calling and other functions have greatly changed people’s way of life and put forward higher requirements for mobile devices. In addition to system, hardware and other functions, the appearance of mobile phones has also become a direction of mobile phone competition, with the advantages of changeable glass material shape, controllable cost and impact resistance. It is widely used on mobile phones, such as mobile phone cover plate, camera, filter, fingerprint recognition and so on.

Although the glass material has many advantages, but in the process of fragile become difficult, prone to cracks, edges rough, etc., with the development of laser technology, glass cutting also appeared in the laser cutting figure, laser cutting speed, the incision without burrs, is not limited by the shape, this advantage makes the laser cutting machine in the intelligent equipment for glass processing to improve the yield, It has promoted the progress of glass processing technology.

What are the advantages of laser cutting filters?

1, laser cutting is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible beam, which is a non-contact processing, will not cause scars on the surface of the device, and can well protect the integrity of the device.

2, laser cutting precision is high, cutting fast, can cut a variety of shapes of graphics without restrictions on cutting patterns

3, smooth incision, small carbonization, simple operation, labor saving, low processing cost.

Post time: Jul-10-2024