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Fortune Laser Automatic 1000W/1500W/2000W Fiber Laser Continuous platform Welding Machine

Fortune Laser Automatic 1000W/1500W/2000W Fiber Laser Continuous platform Welding Machine

● Non-contact welding process, protecting welding equipment and welding workpiece from mutual influence

● Narrow heat-affected zone and thin weld seam

● High processing precision and small welding tolerance

● High welding strength

● No remelting problem

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Basic Principles of Laser Machine

The continuous fiber laser welding machine is a new type of welding method. It is generally composed of a "welding host" and a "welding workbench". The laser beam is coupled to the optical fiber. After long-distance transmission, it is processed into parallel light focusing. Continuous welding is carried out on the workpiece. Due to the continuity of the light, the welding effect is stronger and the weld seam is more fine and beautiful. According to the different needs of different industries, the laser welding equipment can match the shape and workbench according to the production site and realize automatic operation, which can fully meet the needs of users in different industries.

Most of the continuous fiber laser welding machines use high-power lasers with a power of more than 500 watts. Generally, such lasers should be used for plates over 1mm. Its welding machine is deep penetration welding based on the small hole effect, with a large depth-to-width ratio, which can reach more than 5:1, fast welding speed, and small thermal deformation.

1000W 1500w 2000w Continuous Laser Welding Machine characteristic

1.This machine adopts 1000-2000 watt fiber laser, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, long laser life and maintenance-free;

2.The laser beam quality is excellent and the welding speed is fast, which is more than 5 times that of the traditional fiber transmission laser welding machine. The welding seam is thin, the depth is large, the taper is small, and the precision is high. Smooth and beautiful;

3.The whole machine has low energy consumption, maintenance-free, high stability, and long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs;

4.The control system is a professional four-axis control system tailor-made for laser welding, powerful PC control, easy to program, debug and maintain, and can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, and sealing welding. Welding of complex plane lines, arcs and arbitrary trajectories; high stability, strong expansibility, easy to learn, understand and use;

5.Equipped with three-axis automatic worktable, super large worktable, platform XY double-axis electric module, Z-axis adopts power-off brake motor, and can be equipped with rotating shaft when necessary. It can realize three-dimensional laser welding for special-shaped three-dimensional products, with high speed and long life. Long precision;

6.It can perform time spectroscopy or energy spectroscopy, which is suitable for applications in different processing occasions, multi-station processing applications, and can be widely used in laser welding such as spot welding, continuous welding and flexible processing industries.

7.Customized automatic tooling fixtures can be combined with assembly lines, photoelectric sensors, pneumatic fixtures and other combinations for fully automatic processing to achieve mass production of products.

Fortune Laser Continuous Laser Welding Machine Technical Parameters





Laser Power




Cooling Way

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Water Cooling

Laser Wavelength




Way of Working


Fiber Length






Minimum spot


Aiming and positioni

CCD system

Spot adjustment ran


Chiller powe


Rated power



220V±5V 50Hz/40A

Electric translation stage tra





1. Laser source

2. Fiber Laser cable                                        

3. QBH laser welding head     

4. 1.5P chiller

5. PC and welding system

6. 500*300*300 Linear Rail Servo Electric Translation Stage

7. 3600 four-axis control system

8. CCD camera system

9. Mainframe cabine

What application can this machine be used for?

Used in the bathroom industry: water pipe joints, reducing joints, tee, valves, battery industry: lithium batteries, battery packs, laser welding of electrodes, Glasses industry: stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials for eyeglass buckles, precision welding of outer frames and other positions, hardware industry: impellers, kettles, water cups, stainless steel bowls, sensors, diodes, aluminum alloys, mobile phone batteries, door handles, shelves, etc.

Advantages Of Continuous Laser Welding Technology

1. High flexibility

Continuous laser welding is the current welding method. Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding technology is non-contact welding. No pressure is required during the operation process. The welding speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the depth is large, and the residual stress and deformation are small. Laser welding technology It can weld refractory materials such as high-melting point metals, and can even be used for welding non-metallic materials such as ceramics and plexiglass. It can weld special-shaped materials with good results and great flexibility. For parts that are difficult to access for welding, perform flexible transmission non-contact welding. The laser beam can achieve time and energy splitting, and can process multiple beams at the same time, providing conditions for precise welding.

2. Can weld difficult-to-weld materials

Laser welding is the use of laser beams with high energy density to fuse materials. The laser welding machine has the advantages of fast welding speed, high strength, narrow weld seam, small heat-affected zone, small deformation of the workpiece, less follow-up processing workload, and high flexibility. advantage. Laser welding can not only weld common carbon steel and stainless steel, but also weld materials that are difficult to weld using traditional welding, such as structural steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, and can weld various forms of welds.

3. Less labor cost

Due to the low heat input during laser welding, the deformation after welding is very small, and the welding effect with a very beautiful surface can be achieved, so the follow-up treatment of laser welding is very small, which can greatly reduce or cancel the huge polishing and leveling process. artificial. And this is especially practical in today's rising labor costs.

4. Security

The laser welding machine is carried out in a closed safety shield, equipped with an automatic dust extraction device, which can maintain a clean and tidy working environment in the factory while ensuring the health and safety of employees. Platform laser welding processing technology is a comprehensive technology integrating laser technology, welding technology, automation technology, material technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and product design. It is embodied not only as a complete set of special equipment, but also as a supporting process. The laser welding machine has high processing precision, fast production speed, good surface finish and beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is widely used in precision welding industries such as glasses, hardware electronics, jewelry, bathroom and kitchen utensils.

What after-sales service can we provide?

1. The equipment is guaranteed for one year free of charge, and the laser source is guaranteed for 2 years, excluding consumables (consumables include: protective lenses, copper nozzles, etc. (except for human failures, non-equipment quality reasons and natural disasters).

2. Free technical consultation, software upgrade and other services;

3. Rapid customer service response speed;

4. Provide technical support services for lif

What Is The Difference Between Continuous Laser Welding And Pulsed Laser Welding?

Most of the continuous laser welding are high-power lasers, with a power of more than 500 watts. Generally, this kind of laser should be used for plates with a thickness of more than 1mm. Its welding mechanism is deep penetration welding based on the small hole effect, with a large depth-to-width ratio, which can reach more than 5:1, fast welding speed, and small thermal deformation. It is widely used in machinery, automobile, ship building and other industries. There are also some low-power continuous lasers with power between tens and hundreds of watts, which are widely used in industries such as plastic welding and laser brazing.

Pulse laser is mainly used for spot welding and seam welding of thin-walled metal materials with a thickness of less than 1mm. The welding process belongs to the heat conduction type, that is, the laser radiation heats the surface of the workpiece, and then diffuses into the material through heat conduction. By controlling the waveform, width, and Parameters such as peak power and repetition rate make a good connection between workpieces. It has a large number of applications in 3C product shells, lithium batteries, electronic components, mold repair welding and other industries.

The biggest advantage of pulsed laser welding is that the overall temperature rise of the workpiece is small, the heat-affected range is small, and the deformation of the workpiece is small.



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